Jumped Cables need to be fixed.

Your Garage Door Cables play an important role in the safe raising and lowering of your garage door. Mounted on a rod above the garage door track, the cable and drum operate to balance the lift provided by your opener system to keep the door level as it raises and lowers. If the cable does not wind properly as the door is raised, you can damage the door, the garage door track and possibly the garage door opener system as well.

There are several reasons that will cause a Jumped Cable:

  • Broken Garage Door Spring—when a spring breaks, especially on doors with two springs, it loses torque on one side of the door creating an uneven lift or lowering. This can cause the cable to wrap improperly.
    Improper Travel
  • Adjustment—the garage door opener system may be improperly set for the travel distance of the door. Time and vibration in the system can contribute to this problem. If the door raises too far, it can create slack in the cable, allowing it to jump the drum.
  • Old Cables—a frayed or bent cable does not wind properly into the grooves of the drum, causing the door to function improperly.

Repairs of this nature often include adjustments to the torsion of the Garage Door Spring. This should only be done by someone who has been trained and who has the proper tools for the job. Improper tensioning can damage or destroy your garage door and opening system. Improper release of spring torque can cause serious injury or property damage.

See Our Step by Step Process


All of our Repair Visits begin with a 1 Hour service call to your home:

  • Our technician will perform a 30-point inspection of your garage door system.
  • He will review with you any problems noted during the inspection and provide a cost estimate to repair each problem.
  • We keep our service vehicles fully stocked with the most frequently needed repair parts. In most cases, all the parts needed to repair your door are on hand, saving us a return visit and saving you time and money.
  • You decide what work will be performed and our technician completes the job.

When the job is completed, our technician will:

  • Show you the repairs that were completed so you know the job was done to your satisfaction.
  • Review with you the preventive maintenance steps you can perform to extend the operational life of your garage door system.
  • Provide warranty information for the parts and services you received.
  • Provide you with a copy of the detailed invoice.
  • Place a business sticker in a convenient location so you can contact us without searching for your invoice again.
  • Obtain your e-mail address for our follow-up service.