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Most likely you have a broken spring. This is a common repair that affects all garage doors, normally when they have been in use for 8-10 years. Due to the extreme tension and risk of personal injury or property damage associated with this repair, we recommend having only a qualified garage door technician perform this repair.
Most keypads are not hard-wired for power. Rather, they are powered by a nine-volt battery. If you change the battery and the keypad still doesn’t work, the logic board in the keypad could be bad which would require replacing the logic board or the entire keypad.
Unless you have a stand-alone garage, the seasonal temperature changes in your garage will affect the temperature in the adjacent rooms of your home. An insulated garage door will help maintain stable temperatures by keeping out the summer heat and winter cold. You’ll likely see an improvement in your heating and cooling bills with an insulated door. The energy savings usually exceed the additional cost of an insulated door.
More than likely, vibrations in the normal operation of the garage door has caused a wire connection to come loose or a circuit board in the system has failed. Our technicians can quickly assess the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your door operational again.
The sensor eyes, located near the bottom of the vertical track, are out of alignment or there is something blocking the sensor eyes. In order for the door to function properly, the sensor must detect two solid LED lights. Remove any objects that are in the travel path of the door. If the door still does not close, the sensor is either misaligned or inoperative which will require adjustment or replacement.

Torsion springs are not fully stretched the way extension springs are when the door functions. Torsion springs are stronger and last longer. Torsion springs cost more, but usually last between 15,000 and 20,000 cycles, whereas extension springs last up to 10,000 cycles.

The close limit switch is set too high and needs to be adjusted.
Cold weather may cause the rollers to get stiff, which directly affects the door operation. Lubricating the rollers and adjusting the sensitivity will help the door function properly.