Most homeowners do not realize their home curb appeal can be enhanced or penalized by their garage door. It’s true that today is a “seller’s market,” but despite inflated real estate costs and a limited selection of houses from which to choose, your garage door could affect your future home sale. It’s the biggest entryway to your home.

A recent study reported by Garage Door News bears out the impact garage doors have on home sales and curb appeal:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A U.S. survey by Remodeling magazine and Zonda places garage door replacements at first place for the highest return on investment (ROI) for common household renovations. According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, U.S. homeowners who chose to replace their garage door saw an average of 93.8% ROI at resale. Since 2010, garage door replacements have consistently ranked among the top five household renovation investments in the annual Cost vs. Value Report.

“The Cost vs. Value Report has indicated time and time again that when evaluating a home’s resale value, one of the most important elements is curb appeal. When attracting home buyers, replacing the garage door can go a long way toward elevating the home’s exterior,” said Christian Morrow, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Overhead Door Brand. “Upgrading to a new, aesthetically pleasing garage door can give the home an appearance boost and can make all the difference in closing the deal at a better price.”

A new garage door will enhance your property value, provide updated equipment that is lighter, more energy efficient and electronically sound in case you decide not to sell your home. A new garage door is a win-win all the way around. However, the most important thing to remember is that it is going to enhance your home’s curb appeal and add value!

All manufacturing industries are struggling to keep up with building demands, inflated real estate prices, supplies and material shortages as well as logistic issues due to Covid, the Suez Canal shipping crisis, labor shortages and global demands. So if you are thinking about replacing your old garage door now is the time to get in the pipeline on a new door. Everyone is battling these issues in manufacturing and services sectors so get ahead of the curve while you can to avoid delays that are affecting industries across multiple sectors. The global demand for supplies and parts is at an all time high so the longer you delay the longer you may have to wait for a new garage door.

There are many great garage door companies across the country that are locally and family owned businesses. While there are national companies, remember that when you choose a locally-owned garage door business you are doing business with a neighbor and a company that has a stake in what happens locally in your community. Their tax revenue goes back into the local economy and they take a sense of personal responsibility and pride in their work. Hiring a local garage door company to install, service and maintain your garage door means a faster turnaround and greater attention because you can access management without having to fight a maze of corporate levels out of state should you encounter a problem.

When it comes to garage doors you want an experienced company that enjoys a healthy reputation for providing affordable, high-quality service. However, the industry is littered with companies that perform subpar work and do not stand behind their installations, or repairs. Just because a company, or franchise enjoys a nationally recognized brand name doesn’t mean it’s the right company for repairs and routine service. And calling the company that originally installed your garage door can be a bad move. Why? Many homebuilders go with the cheapest quote to install a neighborhood full of garage doors. It doesn’t mean that is the best, it may have just been the best deal the builder could make for the entire neighborhood.

When choosing a garage door service company, dig deep! Go online and check out their reviews before you contact a specific company. Look at their testimonials. Mine for examples of their service work, not just door replacement pictures. The best companies will be honest about whether or not you need a new door, or just need some routine maintenance. Beware of companies that tell you to replace your opener, or door before recommending some routine service.

At Access Garage Door we have been replacing and repairing residential and commercial garage doors for years. We are a family-owned and locally operated company. We live in the Upstate and cannot afford to have a bad repair, or installation. As homeowners we understand what customers want: a fully functioning and operating door/opener. Call us today and let our tenured and experienced garage door technicians analyze your garage door situation and make recommendations in writing with no double-speak, or hidden language. We care about our reputation!

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