Garages have become more than just a place to house your vehicles and tools.  Just do a drive-through of several neighborhoods on a weekend and note the variety and contents of the garages.  You will be amazed.  From families who have too much junk and cram it all in the garage while parking their vehicles in the driveway to elaborate workshops, “man-caves” with flat screens, workbenches, adorned walls with flags or signs of their favorite sports team, elaborate shelving/storage units, finished or rubber flooring and much more.  Ping pong tables, suspended bikes, Kayaks, and canoes boast creative storage that helps maximize space.

The American garage has become the new hangout for neighbors’ social gatherings and cookouts.  Kitchens, great rooms, patios, and decks continue to be popular but garages are quickly moving up the social ladder.  As you drive through a neighborhood it’s not uncommon to see friends gathering to watch a game, parents sitting in lawn chairs at the edge of the garage door watching their kids play, or talking to neighbors as they walk by, kids playing on the garage floor, or someone engaged in a home improvement project.  The possibilities for garage usage are endless.

If you’re considering making some changes to your garage or moving to a new house there are some basic things you might want to consider to have on hand depending on your garage layout and electrical provisions.

Suspended retractable multi-outlet extension cords are a great way to save space and still have access to power when you need it for a shop vac, small compressor, soldering iron, blowers, fans, Dremel, and other power tools.  They are inexpensive and easy to install.  Suspended Retractable shop lights are handy when working on cars, or when you need additional lighting.  Shop vacs are a vital garage accessory.  There are many options available at various price points.  You can get an elaborate wall-mounted system or portable ones with rollers that you can stow under a bench or shelving when not in use.  The vac’s come in handy for cars, clean up after woodwork, or just cleaning up from a broken lightbulb, glass, or the dog’s fur pile accumulating in the garage.

Having a portable air compressor comes in handy.  Some homeowners use a lot of air tools so they opt for larger units that can be wall-mounted, or come with wheels for easier movement.  Most people only need a small portable 2-4 gallon tank.  You can inflate the kid’s bicycles, football, soccer, basketballs, and pool floats.  Use a blower attachment to clean out fans, filters, or other household items that collect dirt and dust, but can be reused.

Rubber/vinyl flooring and paint, or sealer can enhance and protect your garage floor.  There are many companies that provide this service for residential customers, or you can DIY with the help of your local hardware, paint, or home improvement stores.  YouTube can provide you with instructions on how to do it from start to finish.

Adding additional lighting doesn’t have to be a big deal requiring an electrician.  Today’s LED lighting provides energy-saving brighter light that can be suspended over your workbench, shelving, or hung from the ceiling.  In the South, a decent size floor fan is a great way to control humidity in your garage, especially if you do not have garage windows or venting.

If your garage is not the largest single square foot space in your residence it is close.  On 90% of homes it is the single largest visible entryway.  Having an attractive garage door to replace an outdated, faded, or damaged one is an easy way to improve home value and provide lasting curb appeal at a modest investment.  Consider contacting a professional garage door company to service your garage door and opener.  They can provide a wide array of options in colorful designs for replacement doors.  Garage door professionals see more garages than realtors.  They can provide insight and suggestions for your garage enhancement ideas or projects.

At Access Garage Door we’ve been repairing and installing residential garage doors for homeowners since 1998.  We are a family-owned and operated business serving the Upstate of South Carolina with a proud history and proven track record.  If you need a garage door repair, or installation of a new door contact us today!  You may not even need a new door and we will tell you if you don’t!  But if you need, or want a new door we can do that too.

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