One of the most basic things you can do to protect your garage door is to replace the vinyl, weather stripping at the bottom and sides of the door. Think of the seal as the first line of defense for water, flooding, dust, dirt, debris, insects, rodents and other unwanted pests.

Weather stripping is a vinyl trim or strip that lines your garage door’s side and bottom jambs. It serves two main purposes: to protect the integrity of the door and the surface into which it comes into contact and to seal the inside air in and the outside air out. Cold damp air and hot warm air are enemies of your garage, drywall and more. Weather stripping helps insulate for heat loss, or a rise in temperatures whether it’s winter or summer. It can actually have an impact on your heating and cooling utility bills.

When your garage door seal is working properly it’s the first line of defense against all kinds of things that can affect the operation of your door and breakdown other parts. Rollers are impacted by debris and dust. Their bearings collect a lot of junk during the normal wear and tear of door use. When too much dirt, debris and grit get inside the rollers it affects the bearings, operation and balance of the door in the track.

Dust and dirt blowing in a poorly sealed door can also affect the tracks/rails of the garage door system. Imagine running your hand over a clean glass table. Now close your eyes and imagine running your hand over the same table after someone has emptied the salt shaker on the top. Your hand won’t slide across the glass. Instead it will be impeded by the salt granules. Dirt, dust, grass clippings, etc., have the same affect on your garage door.

A properly fitted door seal also keeps out water and flooding. Garage moisture can lead to all kinds of problems. The humidity level and moisture can affect drywall, wood studs and attract unwanted trouble like termites. Coming home to a big black snake on a cool, dark, damp garage floor is no picnic and can give even the strongest among us a scare. Good seals help keep mice, snakes, chipmunks and other rodents out. Weather stripping can dry out, or fall off from the bottom of the door. Fall is a great time to check your weather stripping and have it replaced if necessary. Inspect your door’s weather stripping 1-2 times per year.

Look closely at the edges of the door. Inspect the areas between the door and the side jambs as well as the bottom section that touches the floor and is usually attached to an aluminum boot. You can inspect the weather stripping and see if it’s time to replace it. Does light come through when the door is closed. Can you feel any air/wind coming inside the door? Is the weather stripping dry, cracked, or hardened? If you discover any of these issues it’s time to call a professional garage door company and ask them to inspect it. The tech will inspect your entire door and opener for proper operation. It’s best to replace all of the weather stripping at the same time if you have any sections that don’t stand up to inspection. This way your weather stripping is aging on the same timeline.

At Access Garage Door we’ve been repairing and installing residential garage doors for homeowners since 1998. We are a family owned and operated business serving the Upstate of South Carolina with a proud history and track record. If you need a garage door repair, or installation of a new door contact us today! You may not even need a new door and we will tell you if you don’t! But if you need, or want a new door we can do that too.

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